“The House”

Premise: The working title is “The House” largely because an abandoned mansion is one of the main characters. It is the story of Kai Hast, a woman in her late forties, who discovers upon her mother’s death that she is an heiress and has inherited a mansion in Massachusetts. As Kai slowly renovates the house, she discovers things about the lives of her mother, her aunt, her grandmother, and the first Mrs. Hast.

How is this project different from my other projects? – This novel is a bit of a departure for me. It is my first foray into historical fiction. It is also the first time I am playing with multiple points of view, as well as parallel story lines taking place in different time periods. Unlike my first two novels, a friendship is not the primary relationship in the novel. Kai’s relationship with her self-image is first and foremost, with a romance coming in later on.  Kai is a 47 years old academic who has experienced enough disappointment in life to make her suspicious of people’s motives.  The character of Tim is significantly younger than Kai, not traditionally handsome, and has unresolved issues of his own.

How I am feeling about this project: I am very excited about this project. The writing is going well and I am trying not to be intimidated by the oodles of research in my future.

April 2015 update – This project has stalled. I think it will end up as a collection of linked stories. Right now, I’ve put it aside until I figure out where it’s going.

April 2016 update: This book is my white whale. I have restarted this project yet again and it is still not working. I will not give up!


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  1. Clear, intfrmaoive, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

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