The Waiting Room/Purgatory

Premise: It sounds like a bad joke – A socialite and a priest walk into a cancer center. This is a story about big ideas – faith renewed, control lost, life, death – in little lives.

How is this project different than my other projects: I don’t think this will be a novel. I suspect it will end up a novella. It is also the most philosophical piece I have ever written.

Where did this come from: The characters in this project were cut from one of my other novels, How To Climb The Eiffel Tower. I rescued them from the cutting room floor and gave them their own stories.

How I am feeling about this project: Intimidated by the scope of the ideas in the piece. I want to do it justice so I suspect it will take many edits and rewrites. I am prepared for this to take a while.

Update (7/15/14):

I have made major progress on this project lately. What I thought was going to be a novella, has turned out to be a longish short story at approximately 10,000 words. I have finished a draft that I feel pretty about and have asked my WIP critique group for some feedback. Hopefully, they will be able to tell me where it needs fleshing out and where it needs to be slimmed down.

(Update 4/16/16):

I have been revisiting this project lately. I this story will end up being a short story from the point of view of one of the minor characters in Overlook and Escape Plan.


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