Kailey Crane was poised to marry a good guy that loved her very much and was happy. Then, she happens to see a homeless man that looks just like her first love. She can’t get the man’s face out of her head and is determined to find Cade again. Kailey has to decide – does she want to give up on the life she has built after Cade disappeared from her life or commit herself to helping him get his memory back.

Always is a compelling read. The parallel storylines between the present and past kept me engaged and I appreciated the way Sarah Jio treats the subject of homelessness and the confusion associated with amnesia. The love story was very sweet, yet a bit predictable. There was never any doubt that Kailey would choose Cade over the steady Ryan. Still, I enjoyed Kailey’s story and spending time in her world.

Thank you to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for an advanced copy of the book.