This month, the Insecure Writers Support Group is talking about how becoming a writer has changed the way we read. I miss the joy of reading just for pleasure. To a certain extent, becoming a writer has wrecked the enjoyment of reading. I do a little development editing and a fair amount of beta reading for other authors. This work has changed the way I read.  When I pick up a new book, I can’t just enjoy it. I am judging how well the first few pages hook me as a reader. I’m paying attention to how the reader adds tension and how they manipulate sub-plots to avoid a saggy middle. I’m overly conscious of character development and description.  It is a rare book that takes me out of the critical mindset and allows me to escape into the world of the book, so when I do, I am very happy. That being said, I still reading fifty to sixty books a year that are not part of my work, so I just keep plugging.

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