Word to the wise – laptops do not enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade. Not one little bit.


This is a picture of my new computer. It looks a lot like my old computer, but it is not the same machine. While I was enjoying some much-needed downtime with my daughter on Cape Cod, she spilled a glass of lemonade. It sloshed across the kitchen table like a sticky wave and right into the back of Macbook Pro. We picked up the computer and stood it on end so the liquid would drain out, but it was a goner. It took it to the Apple store where they pronounced the machine officially dead.

I left the laptop with the geniuses for a few days then returned to get the final repair bill. As the very nice young man ran through the list of components that they replaced, I got confused and asked, “So what parts of my computer did you not replace?” He read through the list, thought for a minute, and read through the list again. Finally, he looked at me and said, “Nothing. This is a completely different computer.”

So the bad news is my perfectly good less-than-two-year-old computer was killed by a glass of lemonade. The good news is if you completely destroy your laptop with liquid, you can essentially get a new computer for half the price.  The even better news though is I had backed up. I use the Time Machine app to backup my hard drive every week and I sync my Scrivener files to the cloud whenever I close the project. Once I restored the files to the new computer, I only lost two days of work on my WIP. This little ordeal has also given me an opportunity to rethink what I keep on my hard drive and to purge some of my old files.

So what can we take away from this experience? Don’t put drinks where they can spill into your laptop and BACKUP YOUR STUFF!!!!!