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During this year’s A to Z Challenge, I am writing about my latest novel, Escape Plan by giving you all little snippets about the characters, inspiration, and lessons learned while writing my third novel.

Inspiration can come quickly and unbidden. I never intended to write Escape Plan. When Overlook came out, I thought I was finished with Kitty and Stacia. I was ready to move on with other projects. Then, Stacia started talking to me. I was scrubbing the shower in my bathroom when I imagined Stacia Tate Curran sitting on my husband’s side of the vanity. She flicked her cigarette into the sink and said, “If I hadn’t written that editorial, I never would have known that Bitsy wore a hairpiece.” Okay, I may have inhaled a little too many Scrubbing Bubbles fumes, but I couldn’t let a statement like that go unexplored. I left the  shower half clean and ran for paper and pencil before Stacia stopped talking to me. Over the next few hours, I had a rough idea what was going to happen in Escape Plan. I wasn’t exactly sure how all the moving parts would work together, but I knew who the characters would be and how the novel would end. From there, all that was left to do was the heavy lifting of actually writing the manuscript.

Escape Plan by Elizabeth Hein (100x150)To celebrate the release of Escape Plan coinciding with the A to Z Challenge, I am giving away a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card and 3 copies of Escape Plan. All you have to do is leave a comment with a way to reach you when you win.

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