During this year’s A to Z Challenge, I am writing about my latest novel, Escape Plan by giving you all little snippets about the characters, inspiration, and lessons learned while writing my third novel. 

Becky and Bobby are the only young people in Escape Plan.  They are the main character, Kitty’s children and the reason she killed her husband. At the beginning of the novel, Becky has been admitted to an Ivy League college and has a bright future. Her father won’t let her go because he thinks it’s a waste of money to educate a girl. Suffice to say that Kitty disagreed with him and he didn’t live to regret his attitude. Although Becky is the catalyst for Kitty’s murderous behavior,  Bobby is the person that ultimately comes up with the plan to solve all of Kitty’s problems.

Escape Plan by Elizabeth Hein (100x150)To celebrate the release of Escape Plan coinciding with the A to Z Challenge, I am giving away a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card and 3 copies of Escape Plan. All you have to do is leave a comment with a way to reach you when you win.

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