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Every once in a while, an idea that a bunch of friends throws around over coffee actually comes to fruition. The Seven Story House was one of those ideas.

A little over a year ago, the members of my critique group (several of which are also members of the Insecure Writers’ Support Group) were chatting about anthologies. Someone suggested we could each write a short story on a common theme that we could put in an anthology of our work.  We all thought it was a good idea because we write in different genres and have very different writing styles so the stories would be unique. We decided to use a local broken down house as the inspiration for our stories, so I stopped on my way home and took some photographs of the house. We all excited about the project because we write in different genres and have very different writing styles so the stories would be unique even if inspired by the same photograph.

I wasn’t so sure the anthology would ever come to be. Getting seven authors that are all busy with their own projects (to say nothing of demanding jobs and family obligations) to write a story on demand, seemed like a tall order. Nevertheless, we chose one of our members to serve as the editor for the anthology, kept on each other to get our stories in on time, and moved forward.

It has been a real learning experience for me to work with other people on a project like this. Not being completely in control of every detail, yet being involved in the decisions, made me uncomfortable and very insecure. Several times, I had to step back and confront those feelings. I felt confident that the other members of the group were doing a good job, so that was not the issue. I simply needed to be patient and trust my colleagues to do their thing. I’m not very good at being patient, so working on this project has helped me work those mental muscles and grow stronger as a person.  Anyway, I’m excited that the anthology came together so well and hope people enjoy reading the stories.

Blurb: Aban51bjc5lk09l-_sx331_bo1204203200_doned houses have always been places of great mysteries and untold stories. There is at once something fascinating and sad about broken windows and rotting beams that sparks the imagination. The authors of The Seven Story House have come together to share their takes on that image of the deserted dwelling. The stories they found hidden in and around the ruins run from when the house was new and shiny to the time when it lay in pieces, old and forgotten. Through their eyes, the forsaken structure takes on a life of its own, being both loved and hated for the secrets that it keeps—secrets which move from light to darkness, serenity to violence, life to death, and finally, to the hope of rebirth. So come inside The Seven Story House and see if one of its many secrets speaks to you.  (Available from Amazon and other retailers.)



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