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cover77086-mediumWinner of Sweden’s most prestigious literary award, a novel about an otherwise sensible woman’s descent into the obsession and delusion of unrequited love.

Ester Nilsson is a sensible person in a sensible relationship. She knows what she thinks and she acts according to her principles.

Until the day she is asked to give a lecture on renowned artist Hugo Rask. The man himself sits in the audience, spellbound, and when the two meet afterwards, he has the same effect on her.

From then on Ester’s existence is intrinsically linked to that day, and the events that follow change her life forever.

Bitingly funny and darkly fascinating, WILLFUL DISREGARD is a story about total and desperate devotion and about how willingly we betray ourselves in the pursuit of love.

My Review:

I found the premise of Willful Disregard fascinating – a young woman meets her intellectual crush and develops a complicated real-life relationship that devolves into an obsession. Ester is an intriguing character that is both brilliant and sadly obtuse. Her ideas and philosophical digressions were interesting; however, her focus on Hugo didn’t engage me. This novel won accolades in Sweden so I wonder if something was lost in the translation. The language comes across as a bit academic. Nevertheless, the novel was worth reading and the concepts discussed will stick with me.

Look for Willful Disregard on February 2, 2016. Thanks to Other Press and Netgalley for an advanced copy of the novel.