Pirates were some of the first people to visit the Galapagos Islands. Once the Spanish explorers discovered and started visiting the islands, pirates soon followed. English pirates used the islands as a base to attack Spanish galleons laden down with gold from South America from the late sixteenth century into the eighteenth century.

One of their favorite spots was Buccaneer Cove on the northwest end of Santiago. Supposedly,Captain John Cook and the crew of the “Bachelor’s Delight” took shelter for some time when Cook became ill. It offered a decent spot to land, a large enough flat area for a camp and views to afford them a good look-out. They could also get fresh water and meat, in the form of the giant tortoises. They ate the tortoises while they were on the islands and stored even more in their ships to eat on the trip back to England. By the 1790’s, the islands ceased to be an outpost for pirates and was used more by whalers. One of those whalers was Herman Melville, who wrote, Los Encantadas, set on the islands before he went on to write Moby Dick.

For more info: Geo Cornell, Southern Explorations

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