Nature has a way of reminding us to look beyond the end of our noses and be part of a larger world. The other day, I was in my yard tidying up when I found this baby finch sitting under a bush. It had either fallen out of it’s nest or had tried to fly and failed.

Up until then, I was generally feeling bad for myself. My back hurt, I had many heavy bags of mulch to haul across the yard, and had a blaring headache. All that went away when I found the chick. It needed help in that moment and I could help it. I have some experience with baby finches from when our pet finches had babies, so I knew the little fuzz ball could probably fly a bit. It simply needed a bit of warmth until its mother returned for it. I also knew not to touch the chick, so I made it a little nest out of mulch to protect it from the elements and brought it tiny cups of water and seed. Eventually, its mother did come back and the little bird flew back to its nest in the adjacent bush.

 That moment of connection with the tiny bird transformed my day. I was no longer focused on the pain in my body or the impatience in my heart. I connected with another living creature. I nurtured it with a few small actions and it nurtured me by pulling me out of myself.

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