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It’s that time of year. Time to look back at the goals we set for the past year, reassess, and set goals for the coming year. I found the goals I set for 2014 and thought I would share my results. Things didn’t end up going quite as I planned because the manuscript I thought would take all year to get a publisher ended up being picked up and published in 2014.

2014 goals and feedback:

  • Get thirty reviews for Overlook before it is released in April. (This was a total failure. I got a total of 2 additional reviews for Overlook in 2014.)
  • Finish the second book in the Overlook series – Escape Plan by May 1 so I have plenty of time to get beta readers feedback. (I didn’t even come close on this one. I didn’t finish the manuscript.)
  • Release Escape Plan in October 2014. (Nope. I am looking to release the book in October 2015)
  • Find an agent or small press for Burned To Life. (This was one for the win column. In February I sold the manuscript to Light Messages Publishing, it got renamed to How To Climb The Eiffel Tower, and was released in October 2014.)
  • Be well on my way to finishing the manuscript for Bullies in Bloom (book 3 in Overlook series) by the end of the year. (I’ve decided to not write this book.)
  • Apply for a fellowship to do research for The House series sometime in 2015. (I looked into the fellowship and decided I didn’t really need it since I was visiting MA as part of my book tour for How To Climb The Eiffel Tower. I spent some time at the Worcester Historical Society doing research and developing a relationship with the research librarian there.)
  • Make notes on the ‘Midge & Snig’ mysteries. (I have been slowly doing this. I have started a “bible” for the series where I can keep track of details. I have also sketched out the first three books and have 20,000 words of the first book written.)
  • Decide if ‘Midge & Snig’ gets written next or ‘The House’. (I’ve decided that The House still needs more research and thinking, so the Midge & Snig project will be the next project to be finished.)

2014 was a good year. I hope 2015 is equally wonderful. The following is a list of what I want to accomplish over the next year and how I plan to do so:

  • Finish the first draft of Escape Plan (the sequel to my first book,Overlook) during the month of January. I am participating in the Women’s Fiction Writers Association’s Write-a-thin to help stay on track and to lend me support.
  • Maintain a consistent daily writing habit. I will use tracking software to keep tabs on all the projects I have going.
  • Finish the first book in the Midge & Snig series and get the second and third books well underway.
  • Maintain a daily habit of reading a few pages of a craft book every morning.
  • Participate in the AtoZ Challenge.
  • Find at least 10 beta readers for Escape Plan and 20 ARC readers.
  • Publish Escape Plan in the fall of 2015. I plan to publish this under my Winterfield Press imprint.

Michelle Wallace asked us all to add a brief introduction this month. I think this is a great idea. There are so many new group members every month that I don’t know very well and that I would like to get to know better. So here goes:

Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I have been writing for nine years now and have published two books so far. My books usually center around a woman in mid-life and tend to be deal with psychological ramifications of ordinary life. When I am not scribbling away, I am trying to raise two young women and keep up with my husband’s many projects. I love to travel and explore new cultures.

I look forward to the Insecure Writer’s Support Group posts every month. I love how honest and supportive this community of writers are. I encourage you to visit the other participating bloggers and see what is going on in their writing rooms.


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