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This month I am feeling a bit insecure about doing readings, or more specifically, doing  readings to empty rooms. Right after my latest book was released October 1st, we had a launch party, which went quite well. We had a great crowd, I felt relaxed,  and everyone had a good time. I was feeling optimistic about the future.

Then, last week I participated in a costumed reading with a group of writer friends. We dressed up like our characters, prepared our readings, had our books ready to be signed, and then – crickets. Nobody came. We were reading to rows of empty chairs.

In retrospect, I lost nothing from this particular experience (other than my time and a few dollars in gas) but it has me worried. I am setting out of a short book tour to Massachusetts with a quick stop in Virginia later this month and I can’t afford to drive up and down the east coast to read to empty rooms. What if nobody comes?

Which brings me to you all. How have you attracted people to your readings? Did advertising help? Did the bookstores get people in the door? Any tips?


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