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I don’t usually post on Saturdays, but I am making an exception to share the cover of an exciting new book. Susan Ornbratt’s The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley will be coming out in the spring. I will be telling you much more about the book and Susan as the launch date approaches. In the meantime, you can follow Susan at SusanOrbratt.com



To satisfy her wandering feet, eighteen-year old Gillian McAllister is sent from Ireland to Canada in the summer of 1932. She arrives with her Irish ways in tact, determined not to let the wiles of crop duster Christian Hunter woo her into submission. Yet as the summer unfolds and the sweet taste of love grows, Gillian’s appeal lures more than she anticipates. Fourteen years, a Great Depression, and a World War later, Christian sets out to discover why Gillian was ripped from his life. What he discovers on the Isle of Man will change them both forever. Not even a thatched cottage by the sea, a spritely Gillian, or memories sprinkled on a page can mask the secret that has been buried for too long. But it isn’t until a set of poems is given to Gillian’s granddaughter that the real mystery––Gillian’s true secret––is freed. So who is Pugsley?