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As those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know, I am a huge proponent of writers’ groups. I have participated in many of them over the years – both fabulous and awful – and I still believe in the power of a small group of fellow writers. We all need support and mentorship. A good critique group can tell you when your novel has gone off the rails or when your characters have no chemistry.

I like hashing out scenes over coffee with my buddies, but I also appreciate having an on-line group of other writers that write in my genre. For the last few months, I have been a beta user of the new on-line critique site – Inked Voices. It has been a great experience. I am in a group of seven women’s fiction writers from all over the world that have been giving me cogent critiques that are helping me stay on track.

The beta phase of the site is now over and Inked Voices is open for business. As an incentive, Inked Voices is offering a few discount codes for new members:

  • JULY will get you 25% off of an annual membership.

 The premise of Inked Voices is: Working with a small, consistent community of writers that provide actionable critique will keep you accountable and help you become a better writer. Easy-to-use project management features help you keep your work organized. So…you do more writing and you do it better.”

Inked Voices was founded by the talented Brook McIntyre. Here is a link to an article about Brooke McIntyre as the founder of a start-up. 

I found this cartoon a while back. It always makes me smile, so I thought I’d pass it along again.



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