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Hosted every 2nd Wednesday of the month by the Indelibles, a group of bloggers get together to post about indie life, find each other, offer support, share news, and talk about life as an indie author. See the full linky list of participating authors here.

Read some of the posts and think about joining in.

Indie publishing is a thornier proposition than people initially understand. Just last week, I was talking to a friend who is considering putting together a short story collection with our writing circle. She wants to try her hand at the steps involved in formatting the text, deciding on a cover, and putting it up on the internet. What she hadn’t thought about was how to divvy up any proceeds, tax liabilities, and banking issues. I felt awful that our discussion left her feeling discouraged, so thought I would bring the issue to this wise community of indie authors.

Have any of you put together a collection of stories with a group of friends? How did it go? What issues arose that you didn’t foresee? Was one person in charge of the project? And, most importantly, would you recommend another group of friends do the same thing?