Much like last month, I am still feeling insecure about the whole social media thing. I’m making progress. I participated in the A to Z Challenge last month and made some genuine connections with a few people and exchanged contact information with a few more. I also ran a giveaway around the cover reveal for my upcoming novel. That went pretty well. I learned quite a bit about how to run a contest and how to promote it. I also learned promotion takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. As I go forward, I will know to plan for that.

What I could use a bit of advice on is – how do I get my name out there to potential readers without being a pest. Those of you who have gone through the self-promotion gamut and come out the other side, how did you do it? Also, once you have connected with potential readers, how to do you keep them engaged between books? I would appreciate any and all advice. Thanks.


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