When I read this post over at Daizie-Head Mayzie’s blog, I immediately thought of Lara. I hope I can give voice to at least one survivor of abuse in How To Climb The Eiffel Tower or give someone the comfort that they are not alone.


How often have you thought about how safe you feel? Today? Since you got up this morning, has the thought even flitted across your mind? Probably not.

Until a few years ago (and even still occasionally now) my days were spent evaluating my safety. When I walked into a shop, I was checking for exits, locating the staff & crucially, the one with the phone. In a cafe, the same. Always planning my escape, in case he had found me. I was always scanning faces, silhouettes, general shape of people around me. If I thought I saw him, I froze, unable to move or speak. This happened several times a day, and was debilitating. Once (and I’m not proud of this), a guy shouted suddenly, really close to me, as I walked down a quiet street, in the evening. I was pushing my son in his pushchair, walking home from…

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