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Today, I am considering abandoning one of my works-in-progress. It is the second novel in what could be a three novel sequence. On one hand, I have invested a significant amount of time on this project. I have a loose first draft of book two and a sketchy draft of book three. I like the characters, the plot is okay, I’ve already self-published the first book. On the other hand, is this the book I should be writing right now? When I wrote the first book, I didn’t plan for Overlook to be a series. I started writing books two and three because people asked me when the second Overlook book would be released. Now, I’m not so sure there should be a second book. Maybe I should cut my losses and move on. When I look at the manuscript as it is now, I keep thinking – Would this book change anybody’s life? Would anybody learn anything from this book? Are these really the people you want to spend your days with? I have other projects that I am not working on in order to work on these two books. Those books could potentially be enlightening for someone. I like those characters too. They are a bit dark, but I’m a bit dark. Perhaps it’s time to stop being afraid of the dark.

Have you ever been in a similar place with one of your projects? How did you deal with losing all the time you invested in the abandoned project? Do you feel it was a good choice?  


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