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I intended to get this post out yesterday, but I missed the boat entirely. I hope y’all had a Happy Valentine’s Day and great Friday. Anyway, things are good here in the storage room.

I had a wonderful, long meeting with the awesome Elizabeth Turnbull at Light Messages. How To Climb The Eiffel Tower is on track to be published in October. (happy dance) I am very excited about the marketing ideas Ms. Turnbull has planned and can’t wait to share more of our plans with you.

The ice storm kept everyone home all week, so I finished moving my office from the drafty storage room on the third floor of our house to what used to be the guest room. I no longer have to wear two sweaters and a blanket in the winter and stop writing before the room gets over 100 degrees in the summer. Also, I now have easy access to water and a bathroom. No more lugging water up two flights of stairs to make coffee in the morning. The next step will be to convert the old bonus room/play room into a guest room that people will want to stay in. When it’s done, guests will have a bed, a couch, and a library, but right now, there is a mountain of books on the floor and furniture propped up against the wall. I still have to figure out how to dispose of a broken big screen TV. The city will take it away if I can get it from the bonus room to the curb. It took five hunky movers to get it up there. I’m not sure how one normal guy and two average women are going to get it back down. Well, tomorrow is another day.

I didn’t get to water aerobics at all this week – the pool was closed all week due to the snowpocalypse. Between no exercise and moving furniture, my back is killing me. I did get to a couple yoga class with my husband last evening. I see why he likes doing yoga so much. It was a lot of fun.

I’m looking forward to catching up on what’s going on in other people’s writing rooms this week. Join me by clicking on the picture below.

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