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Today’s post is about looking back at the year that is gone. I’ll talk about my plans for 2014 later this week. I feel there is value to setting intentions in life but only if you review your progress. We’ve all made new year’s resolutions and forgotten all about them by February first. What’s the point in that? Making resolutions you have no plan to fulfill is just a lesson in failure .

That being said, let’s review what I intended to do in 2013. I had forgotten I had wanted to do several of these things. This year I will print out my intentions and put them up on the wall above my writing desk so I can not forget them. So here goes-

  • See the querying process for Overlook through. Either find an agent or or don’t. – I actually did this. I queried a ton of agents and got some good feedback. I also spoke to several non-agent professionals about the novel and decided to indie publish it as a series of three novels. I briefly released the first one, Overlook, in the summer but then pulled it down to make a few changes. It will be re-released in April.
  • Enter the first 50 pages of Lara in WIP fellowship contest. – I did enter this contest but did not win. Can’t win unless you try. 
  • Explore other fellowship/grant possibilities – I looked into a few fellowships and grants but didn’t et very far. There is one at the American Antiquarian Society that I will pursue when I get back to The House novel. 
  • Finish editing Lara – I did finish the editing. 
  • Find twenty beta readers for Lara – I had fourteen people read Lara, so that was pretty close. 
  • Compile list of agent to query regarding Lara – I’ve started a list of agents to query and have queried a handful with no success so far. I am also talking to a few small presses.  Part of me feels that traditional publishing is the way to go with this book but I also want people to get an opportunity to read it. 
  • Finish first draft of The House – not even close. This project has been put on the back burner so I can finish the Overlook series and get it out there. 
  • Research background information for The House – this is an ongoing project. I am slowly doing the mountains of research that will be necessary for this book. 
  • Look over The Waiting Room and see it’s worth pursuing – it is not worth pursuing. I may use one of the characters somewhere else though. 
  • Get at least one of the Weight & Losses short stories in shape to be published as a stand alone story. – this did not happen. 

Overall, I think I did okay for the year. In retrospect, I may have bit off more than I could chew but it was still a successful.