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What a crazy month it’s been. If you’ve wondered why I’ve been largely absent from this blog, Facebook and Twitter, I’ve been lost in the Nanowrimo nuttiness. I started preparing for the November writing marathon back in October by putting together character sketches, thinking about settings, and writing a loose outline for the first Midge & Snig mystery, only to scrap that project on October 30th. I ended up writing 50,000 words of the second book in the Overlook series and outlining the third.

Now, I am feeling insecure about that project. I’m afraid that it could have been a total waste of time. I didn’t look at the nanodraft at all for the last two weeks and now I’m worried that the plot is too thin. I have no idea. I guess I need to isolate the main story arc and make sure it is good and strong before examining the lesser story lines. Part of me is still excited about these characters but part of me is unsure if they can carry another two books.  

Have you ever been in a similar place with one of your projects? What happened?


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