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Writing Life

  • Nanowrimo is going well so far. I am just over half way to my goal of 50,000 words. Nanowrimo runs until December 1st for everyone else but I am going away for Thanksgiving, so I need to be done by the 26th.
  • My initial outline for my nano novel is morphing into two unrelated story lines, one about bullying and one about redemption. We’ll see if they connect back up at some point or stay separate stories with characters in common.

Real Life

  • I attended TEDxRaleigh last weekend. The audience was treated to short talks by innovative thinkers from the Raleigh area. We left feeling energized and inspired.
  • We’ve had a few days of beautiful weather here in North Carolina so I actually went outside for an hour or so. Instead of giant scary spiders, I was attacked by minuscule biting ants while I moved the compost heap. Thank goodness for Benadryl.
  • My youngest finally finished her college essays and sent them off. Now the waiting begins.

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