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What a month it’s been. I have settled back into a normal schedule of writing and put my suitcases away for a while. That’s given me a whole new list of things to feel insecure about. I’ve got multiple projects going at once and I am worried about maintaining momentum. In other words, how do I write more books in less time?

Momentum in my writing life is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I have been working on my current WIP off and on for five years and it took my two years to write Overlook. That is far, far too slow. The more I talk to other writers and read blogs, the more I understand that writing is like any other profession – you need to produce. That in mind, my new projects are larger in scale and shorter in duration. The Midge & Snig mystery series is planned to start out as three books. My goal is to get one drafted by the end of 2013 and the other two by the middle of 2014, so I can be editing all three at this next time next year.  I need to get the creative juices moving faster.

To help me stay on track, I’ve put a few things in place.

  • My WIP group and I are sharing our weekly writing goals and serving as accountability buddies.  Publicly sharing goals is proven to make people work harder to fulfill those commitments.
  • I am using Pacemaker to set my word count goals on each project.
  • I’ve developed a spreadsheet to keep track of how many words I write on any of my open projects and the number of pages I’ve edited on “Lara”.

How do you maintain momentum in your writing life?

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