vik - small things 2-1

It’s Friday!. Time to Celebrate The Small Things.

Writing Life

  • The post-beta reader editing is going slowly but very well.
  • My WIP group and I started a new goal setting program. We each set a weekly word count and/or editing goal and promised to report back every Saturday. i’m hoping that serving as accountability partners will keep us all on track.

Real Life

  • The quest to declutter continues. My daughter’s sports team is having a yard sale this weekend so I spent several hours cleaning out the area under the eaves. Why I was keeping the two fake ficus trees from three houses ago, is beyond me. I also found a box full of briefcases – neither my husband nor I have used a briefcase in at least twenty years – and a coffee table without its glass top. Those things, along with two boxes of books, are going to good cause.
  • While decluttering, I replaced a section of fiberglass insulation that had fallen. My father would be proud of me.