vik - small things 2-1

Writing Life

  • The responses from the beta readers of my Lara WIP continue to trickle in. I met with my friend Drew, who is both an avid reader and a nurse. I asked him to be a beta reader because he would honestly tell me if the scenes that take place in the hospital ring true. I also heard back from another reader that had positive things to say about the novel. So – things are looking good on that front.
  • I am having fun taking notes on setting for a mystery set in Hawaii. I watched a cruise ship dock near our hotel. I think one of their passengers will not be sailing on to Maui. Buwhahahaha. Here is a view of the ship at sunrise.


Real Life

  • We are having a great time in Hawaii. My husband is doing a lot of hiking and I am doing a lot of lounging. Thank you frequent flier miles and Marriott points program.