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vik - small things 2-1

Writing Life

  • I received the first response from the beta readers of my Lara WIP. A high school friend got back to me with encouraging words about the plot and the character of Lara. More than that, she said she liked this book even more than Overlook. That was important feedback because Lara deals with the tough subjects of abuse and cancer.
  • I was able to meet the fabulous NA Granger for coffee yesterday. The second book in her Rhe Brewster series is coming along nicely while she is healing from a knee replacement.
  • I have decided to take some of my imaginary friends on vacation. I have been feeling down in the dumps lately because I have not been doing much writing. My family life has taken me from my writing room and put me in a airplane seat (and bus seat, and car seat). Anyway, after writing about feeling uncomfortable about not writing, I had a brainstorm. I have file folders full of characters without working stories. I am going take them on vacation with me and see what happens. I’m hoping one of them kills one of the others so mayhem can ensue.

Real Life

  • It’s been great having my eldest daughter home. We have been running around town this week getting her ready for another year at school as well as getting her eyes checked, teeth cleaned, and otherwise checked out.
  • I was honored to be one of the first customers in my friend, Kelly’s new beauty shop. She has been working hard to get the shop open and it shows. The space is beautiful. My hair is looking cute too.
  • I’m excited to be leaving this evening to visit my extended family with my girls. I am hoping to spend some quality beach time with my brothers and eat as many lobsters as I can stomach.