The Insecure Writer’s Support Group is a monthly blog hop to lend support to a growing community of writers. I encourage you to go to Alex Cavanaugh’s excellent blog and join in. if you click on the logo above, it will take you to the list participating blogs.

This month I am feeling insecure about the fact that I am not writing at all right now. My daughters are both home so we are doing a ton of traveling. I haven’t had a day to sit down and get my thoughts together in a few weeks and probably won’t get a day to myself until mid-September. I’m worried that I won’t be able to get back in the groove when the travel and family time finally comes to an end. I’m worried that when I get back to it, the novel I have been drafting will disappear off the page.

On another front, my Lara WIP is out with seven beta readers right now. I am terrified that they are going to hate it. I sent them some questions to help them target their comments but I am still worried they are going to send the manuscript back with a big “I hate it” written on the front. How do you deal with your worries? Any tips on how to get back in the groove?