vik - small things 2-1

Writing Life

  • I am only four chapters from the end on the big revision of my Lara WIP.
  • I got positive feedback from my critique partners on the chapter I sent them last week.
  • One critique buddy and I successfully figured out how she could join us remotely using FaceTime. Another buddy is recovering from knee surgery and should be back on her feet for our next meeting.

Real Life

  • Our cat is doing better. Earlier this week, our 17 year old cat was stumbling around the house. We took her to the vet and learned she may have a benign brain tumor or suffered a stroke. She is not in an pain and doesn’t seem to be getting any worse.
  • My daughter had an encouraging college interview despite spilling ketchup all over her white pants twenty minutes before her appointment. I’m glad CVS sells those Tide-to-go pens.

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