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Writing can be a lonely pursuit therefore, I appreciate the time I spend with my writer friends.  Yesterday afternoon, seven busy women spent three hours away from their families to meet around my dining room table and support each other.  Each of the three selections up for review were in the early drafts stage so, we spent our time together taking apart the pieces and rebuilding them into stronger, more cohesive structures. We asked questions about character motivations, discussed how one writer could add a through line to tie parts of a story together, and lent support to another writer who was feeling discouraged. This group doesn’t pull any punchs. They will tell you if a piece is bad so, when they tell you something is great, it is. 

I woke up this morning thinking I could use a support group for all the areas in my life. How much weight could I lose if I had a team behind me? Would I exercise if I had a friend pushing me? Would my garden look better if I was a member of the garden club?