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urlOne of the hardest truths about a writing life to face is – writing is rewriting. You don’t simply sit down and get a finished story; you write it, then rewrite it, then rewrite it a few more times. At first, this is an awful realization. Many people stop right there and walk away. First drafts are fun and exciting. It has taken me many years to appreciate the quiet joys of rewriting and reshaping a manuscript. In a sense, it’s a little like dating versus marriage. Dating is fun, and exciting, and a bit dangerous. Marriage needs to be sustained over time and is really difficult to do well. Marriage is also far more satisfying in the long run.

A couple of great quotes about rewriting:

“Books are not written–they’re rewritten.” – Michael Crichton
“Rewriting is like scrubbing the basement floor with a toothbrush.” – Pete Murphy