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Now that the Valentine’s Day fervor has died down, I’d like to shine some bleak midwinter sunshine on an item of our culture’s dirty laundry.  At least three women will die today at the hands of someone who professes to love her. No amount of hearts and flowers can make up for that fact. These women are typically portrayed as weak or damaged but as Leslie Morgan Steiner points out in her excellent TED Talk, “Domestic violence happens to everyone – all races, all religions, all financial and educational backgrounds. It’s everywhere.” These women are soccer moms, executives, and people from good families. They are not too stupid to know better. They are trapped and afraid. So, next time you see a woman with a suspicious bruise or a frightened look in her eyes, don’t look away. Show compassion. Offer help. Sunshine can be the best disinfectant. 

For more information: The Clothesline Project, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence