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This is my fish, Phi. She is the sole survivor of my younger daughter’s Freshman Biology project.


Anyway, the cat drinks Phi’s yummy fishy flavored water, (we frequently find little black hairs floating on the surface) so I have to add about a cup of fresh water every week. Sometimes she hunkers down at the bottom of her bowl and sometimes she rides the sudden eddy of fresh water. I can’t seem to predict how she will react to being blindsided by change.

Change is an issue very much on my mind lately. Change is everywhere. My family is in a state of flux right now, my critique groups are losing people left and right, and my publishing goals are a moving target. On top of that, the characters in my head are dealing with some pretty big changes of their own. I can’t avoid change. Life is change. What I can do is choose how to react. I can either hide or ride the wave.