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I attended a “crafting night” at a friend’s house last weekend and learned that I am not very good at doing collage. While staring a piles of colored papers and magazine clippings, I tried to distract the other women there from my ineptitude by making small talk. (Yes, I was that desperate.) It came up in conversation that I am a writer and one of the other women asked, “What do you write about?” I never know what to say to that question. I blathered something like, “I write novels and short stories.” What I thought was, “I write snarky stories about the yucky stuff that happens to regular people.” Why didn’t I actually say that? Anyway, I’ve decided to come up with a preplanned response to that question so I won’t be caught out again.

So here it is -“I write about the people that go unnoticed in everyday life – the woman standing in line at the bank, that mousy gal in the last cubicle, the PTA mom. There is usually something extraordinarily nasty going on in their lives. My mission is to make you care about these women and maybe, if I am lucky, think twice before ignoring the people you meet each day.”

What do you say when people ask you “What do you write about?”

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