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126709352013newyearbackgroundI believe the key to success is to firmly set your intentions. So here goes:

  • See the querying process for Overlook through. Either find an agent or or don’t. 
  • Enter the first 50 pages of Lara in WIP fellowship contest.
  • Explore other fellowship/grant possibilities
  • Finish editing Lara
  • Find twenty beta readers for Lara
  • Compile list of agent to query regarding Lara
  • Finish first draft of The House
  • Research background information for The House
  • Look over The Waiting Room and see it’s worth pursuing
  • Get at least one of the Weight & Losses short stories in shape to be published as a stand alone story.

What are your writing goals for the upcoming year. Did you set goals for 2012? Did they come to fruition?

Happy New Year!!!