A few more quick lessons from the cray month of Nanonoveling.

  • Eighty-seven percent complete is not even close to almost done. I only officially have seven thousand more words to “win” but the story is miles away from being finished. I still need to develop the romantic sub-plot so there’s four or five scenes right there. The main character still needs to ‘go on a journey’ and she’s barely left town so far. I still haven’t set up the final scenes at all. Not even close to done.
  • Minor characters can come out of nowhere and take over. Let them. One of the tenets of Nanowrimo is to turn off your inner critic and just let it rip. I was having my   main character cleaning out a closet in her ancestral home when she found a box full of letters written by her great-aunt during World War I. Eight thousand words later, Great-aunt Clara is taking over the story because I have a feeling that hers might be the better story. Worse case scenario, Clara gets her own book or short story somewhere down the line.
  • Plan for breaks. I don’t plan to write much of anything over the next few days. My eldest daughter is home from school and I have to make half of a Thanksgiving dinner so, the computer will be lonely. I’ve known this weekend was coming and I planned ahead. My word count will be fine. Life happens, plan ahead.