By nature, Nanowrimo forces you to not analyze what you are writing very much and just write. Nevertheless, as I boogie along with my Nano novel I’ve noticed that I’m repeating myself. there are several plot conventions that I tend to fall back on again and again. When I finish this first incredibly rough draft, I will have to go back and reassess.

  • In all of my books the main character has a dog. In two, acquiring the dog is a minor plot point. All the women are lonely people and, I guess the dogs serve as company and a warm body. Kind of sad really.
  • My characters tend to have name issues. Lara changes her name from Larissa to Lara in an attempt to leave her past behind.  Kitty’s husband makes her leave her Mary Katherine moniker behind when they move south. Gemma’s father called her that to leave the baggage of her loaded given name, Gemmima, behind after her mother’s death.
  • Husbands have a tendency of dying. I’m trying not to analyze that.

Do you find yourself using the same literary devices in your first drafts? Do you keep a list to look out for in later drafts?