In lieu of a post by me, I am gifting y’all with this fabulous post by August McLaughlin. Enjoy.

Girl Boner

Why did Polly Plotter cross the road? Because her well-laid plans said to.

Why did Pantser Pete cross the road? Because he felt like it. And heck, life’s short.

Why did Plantser Pat cross the road? Because it felt right, and no cars were coming.

I’ve been using the term ‘plantser’ since I first heart the plotter versus pantser debate in the writer-sphere. Though I’m by nature a pantser, flying free can come with a price. We can write ourselves into a web of unresolvable conflict, in several different directions, or realize on page 299 that the antagonist isn’t who we thought. That’s all fine, if we don’t mind going back to revise our…well, pants off. I learned these lessons while freewheeling my way through draft one. With my second novel, my strategies are a bit different.

First, they exist. My only “strategy” with book one was to write and keep…

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