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I was catching up on recent TED talks while trolling though ten days of unread emails, when I came across this intriguing talk by Jon Ronson. He points out that many successful people could be labelled psychopaths if you only go by the DSM check list.

Which brings me to my point. I have been playing with a story idea (working title Hell & Amy) about a psychopath. I am intrigued by how a highly intelligent, yet super damaged, person can thrive in our society. Is it ambition that makes a person take huge risks and drives them to accomplish their grand goals? Or is it psychopathy? How can you tell? At what point does a person go from entrepreneur to total nut job? I am playing with the idea that falling in love can be the inciting event that can push a man from controlling genius to madman. I like the idea of a normally good thing making a person go very, very bad.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you spin stories out of newspaper articles? Do scientific studies make you say ‘what if’? Do you like to twist the conventional wisdom into something darker?