Well, I’m no longer scribbling in the storage room. Yesterday afternoon my daughter came into my office and asked, “Mom, why does water bubble up through the floor boards when I step over here?” Long story short – the air conditioning units were leaking all over the place.

Remarkably quickly, the entire family snatched up all my electronics and moved my office out to the family room. A big thanks to my darling husband for even finding our ancient dehumidifier and lugging it up two flights of stairs while the girls and I moved my desk, three bookcases, a mini fridge, and three filing cabinets. My writing life is now in a heap in the family room. Before I can organize myself, I need to get rid of most of the craft supplies that have accumulated over the last ten years, find a new home for the treadmill and get the AC guy to figure out what is wrong with the air conditioning unit. I have been threatening to take over the family room by eminent domain for years – but this is ridiculous!

Stay tuned. I’ll take pictures when I find a place for everything.