I am truly enjoying participating in Camp Nanowrimo this month. June is a much easier time to take on the challenge of writing 50,000 words in 30 days (even with us going to Florida for five days last week). I love doing the main Nanowrimo but November is the absolutely worst time of the year to to be chained to your computer. June is a much more relaxed month in my little life.

A few thoughts on the experience so far:

  • It is freeing to turn off the need to have organized thoughts. When I am normally working on a project, I try to write in a relatively linear fashion going from one plot point to the next. When the main focus of the day is to barrel ahead until I get to 2,000 words, linear thought goes out the window. If an idea comes to me, I hit return a few times and go with it. The finished product will read like verbal vomit but I don’t care. There are some very good ideas amongst the awful.
  • It is really not that hard to produce product. Once you allow yourself to write drivel that you assure yourself that no one will ever see, it is pretty to write.  When quantity is more important than quality, you can produce plenty of words per day.
  • Editing can come later. There are plot holes in my story and my computer does not care. I know there are sections that are tell, tell, tell. I can go back later and change all that telling to showing.
  • Research can come later. I have a scratchpad file open on my desktop that I am compiling list of things that will need to be researched later. I can find out what the poisonous plants of Northern Maine are in July. It’s not important how the corpse got poisoned right now, as long as he is good and dead.
  • You can delete the whole damn thing in July and still be a winner.