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A recent article in Writer’s Digest recommended the on-line review site, Review Fuse, as one of the top 101 sites for writers. Have any of you had experience with the site?

In a moment of daring, I signed up, did the required four reviews, and uploaded a flash fiction piece to be reviewed. The experience was not what I expected. Three of the things I was asked to review seemed to have been written by teenagers and the fourth was written by an adult. The three young people gave my review a polite response but the adult lashed out at me. I thought I had given him a constructive critique that included questions that needed to addressed in order for the reader to get a better reading experience. What I got back was a profanity laced diatribe about what a terrible person I am. I’m not sure how to respond to that. My husband told me to brush it off and forget about it but I can’t seem to do that. I feel attacked. This communicating with people over the internet is a scary thing for me and, an experience like that makes me want to severe my internet connection and become a hermit.

Have you ever had an experience like mine? How did you respond?