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While my darling critique partners are reading a draft of my Kitty manuscript, I have been revisiting old pieces. It is not going at all how I expected. I thought I would open the folders and pick up right where I left off – not happening.

Most of the short stories I had abandoned went right back in their file folders but some were more interesting than I originally thought. One folder of character sketches for a murder story yielded some pretty good ideas that I had completely forgotten I had written.  How does that happen? How did I write six handwritten pages about a woman peeling potatoes on the 4th of July, and forget all about it? Another folder had a story about a teacher telling her class to forget the standardized tests and learn what they need to know for real life. I do not remember writing that at all.

Does this kind of thing happen to you? Do you forget things you have written? When you run across them in your filing systems, do you like them? Do you start working on them again?