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I have been thinking about pacing today. Pacing yourself to complete your goals, pacing your scenes, pacing your entire manuscript and I keep coming up with the same thought – at some point it’s all down hill from here.

A story, and many times individual scenes, build one click after another like a roller coaster climbing the big hill. Sometimes there are quick dips and twists and turns, but you can still “the big one” coming and look forward to the thrill of falling out of the sky, if even for a millisecond. After that, you just want to safely get back to the station.  This is where I am in the novel. There are plenty of things that my characters can do after the climax (or at least what the reader is supposed to think was the climax) but I feel a need to just get to the end. During the drafting phase of this novel, I thought this feeling was simply me wanting to finish the first draft but now I am at that same section of the book, and feeling the same desire to wrap it up. Today I have been working on the pacing of these last twenty or thirty pages and think I have figured it out – short scenes. Almost like a montage in a movie, I’ve got Kitty getting a new car, seeing her old rival failing in life, getting a job, making new friends, setting new goals, generally moving on with her life, all in fast paced vignettes. I think it’s working. We’ll have to see when we get back to the station.