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In the long hard slog of getting Kitty & Stacia (working title) from first draft to second draft, progress has felt like walking through hip deep mud. I’ve been moving forward but very, very slowly. Until yesterday.

I was doodling on an empty page trying to figure out how to work a scene about Stacia (2nd main character) confronting Seth (lying cheating good for nothing  husband of Kitty), when the proverbial clouds parted and all became clear. Stacia wouldn’t confront the husband. She would confront the other woman then socially pummel her into oblivion. I actually jumped up and danced around my office in joy. As soon as I stop trying to write and rewrite and rewrite a scene between Stacia and Seth, the words and ideas began to flow. The mud became water again and I am 2000 words further along.

Do you spend days in hip deep mud trying to push a square peg into a round hole just because that was the way you initially thought it should go? How do you know when to abandon your outline, or first draft, and change direction versus when to keep slogging along? More importantly, do you have any tricks for knowing when to stop pushing the same square peg into the round hole and find the round peg?