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In these weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years, I am revisiting old projects and sketching out new ones. Yesterday, I reviewed the mishmash of pages I wrote for Nanowrimo  in 2010. THe idea was to split what I had written into a series of inter-related  short stories. They idea was to have a group of women meet at a weight loss seminar and then have the reader glimpse into each of their lives.Now I am not so sure.

One of the plot lines has a good character with a great backstory, if I say so myself, but no plot whatsoever. Nothing, nada, zippo. Unless this girl does something in my head soon, she may be banished to file folders forever, and that makes me sad. I kind of liked Vivian.

Another character, Tammi, has conflict in her personal life, she finds out her boss is using her, and I can see her clearly in my head but she doesn’t really fall into my larger “women with fat problems” framework very well. It would take some serious shoehorning to make her story intersect well with the other characters – and I don’t want to do that to Tammi. She’s got enough crap going on in her life to add that to the pile. Tammi may just have to get her own book some day but I am not sure I love her enough yet to devote that much time to her.

Which brings me to June. I love June – older woman who decides that death is better than another damn diet – but I don’t know if there is enough there  to make a whole book, or even a longish short story. She may be the only one of the six or seven characters I developed that could stand alone. But , do I want to devote enough time to June to get her into shape?

Then there are Debra, Cindy and Cathy. Nice gals, every one, but boring. I think they all will end up in file folder oblivion.