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I wasn’t going to participate in the National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo) this year because I have a commitment that will take me away from my computer for ten days and then there is Thanksgiving, and all that goes along with that, but I couldn’t help myself. I started seeing the encouraging emails in my in box, some friends are doing it this year, the Office of Letters and Light posted cute videos about how much fun I’d have. They wore me down!

Anyway, this time out I am taking a flash fiction piece I wrote and expanding it until it can’t be expanded anymore. Essentially, it is a horror/thriller about a man named Hell who ensnares a young woman, tortures her (I am not sure if the torture will be physical or mental or both), she escapes, he tracks her down with her one weakness and uses it to kill her.

I am delving deep into the characters’ backstory to try to figure out what makes a sociopath become a sociopath. What allows a woman to become prey?  At what point do people break? What makes a person fight back against their oppressor?

I am committing to the whole nanowrimo ethic of turning off my inner critic and letting it rip. Let’s see what comes out of my head.