I’m struggling with a chapter this morning. Strike that. I’ve been struggling with this chapter all week and I think that’s because Kitty (my incredibly repressed main character) doesn’t know how to be angry. She is very good at being indignant and she does self-loathing quite well but when it comes to expressing a negative emotion – she sucks.

Women like Kitty were not taught how to express anger as girls so, surprise surprise, they can not do it as adults. Kitty has every right to be pissed off (her husband is cheating on her and is unapologetic about it) but she can’t sustain the emotion for more than a few minutes. It makes her way too uncomfortable. She keeps falling back to her tried and true positions of binge eating and then feeling awful about her body, drinking heavily to drown out the feelings and good old repression. I beginning to see an analogy forming of her as a volcano building up hot magma inside.

I’m thinking Kitty might need to have an eruption.